Contemporary 9ct. Yellow gold ‘Non Mort Oblige’ ring by Ali Alexander

Contemporary 9ct. Yellow gold ring entitled ‘non mort oblige’ the meaning of the ring is defined as ‘non-death obliges’

Measuring 3mm x 2mm with a tapered band from 15 to 5mm

Artist Statement -Non Mort Oblique

“This can be both a pendant and a ring. I made it originally about a good friend. Justine Scott who died from ovarian cancer in 2005. Although I was having a bad year I felt an obligation to live a good life. After trying to explain it to a friend one night I came up with the expression ‘NON MORT OBLIQUE’ from the expression ‘No blesse Oblige’ ( the obligation of those with privilege)

A responsibility of those not dead to live a good and happy life.”

Ali Alexander

A percentage of the price goes to ovarian cancer charity.

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