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Jewellery Repairs and Remodelling in Melbourne


Looking for a jewellery restoration service to bring back the lost shine of a sentimental piece?


At Gray Reid Gallery, we understand that there are jewellery pieces that hold a special meaning and make you feel emotionally connected. However, over time, you may notice that you require jewellery redesign or jewellery repair service to return your jewellery to its original pristine condition. At our jewellery repair shop, we provide repair and restoration services to bring your treasured collection back to life. We take great care to restore and make your jewellery appear its best. We can also repair damaged jewellery to make them suitable for many more years of use.


If you have a precious piece in your jewellery box that you would like to restore, repair or remodel, book an appointment with us. We provide complete services for jewellery repairs in Melbourne and can return every piece to its best condition.